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BMX video from UGP

This video is a year or two old. It was directed by Kip Williamson, who you might have seen MCing the Mirra Super Tour. It has several big name riders like Chad De Groot (Flat & Street) and Joey Garcia (Street & Dirt) as well as many others.

The riding in the video is a mix of everything. There's a lot of flat and street and dirt and park are here as well. The cinematography and editing are all really is the riding. Kip was going for an "art" movie feel, so there are some grainy super 8 shots as well as stock war footage thrown with heavy messages flashed on screen. I'm not sure if he was going for an anti-war statement in the middle of a BMX video, but to each his own.

The only bad part of this video is the music. The whole movie has no sounds whatsoever, it's only just music. And man oh man does the music suck. It's all electronic acid jazz/hiphop. So it's basically really mellow beats that will put you to sleep. Since there's no sound other than the music, feel free to put in your own tunes and turn the TV volume down.

If you find it cheap, go for it, there's a lot of good flatland riding you don't really see in many videos. However, if you're in the market for a new video, get something else. I can't wholeheartedly recommend it with a ll the other good videos out there.