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Airwalk Channel BMX Shoes


Product Review


I just picked up a pair of these Airwalk Channel BMX shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for BMX. I picked them up at one of the cheesiest stores I've been to in a while : TradeHome at Southwest Plaza Mall.

Let me tell ya HOW cheesy. All the shoe salesmen wear ties and you just get a bad feeling when you walk in. When the guy brought out the Airwalks, he ALSO brought another pair of brand new New Balance(the shoes I was wearing at the time) to try and sell me another friggin' pair of shoes. Then, at the register he tells me. "Water is the enemy" and why don't I buy some leather sealant blah blah blah. Bunch of tards. HOWEVER, this is the ONLY store in Denver I've seen that HAS the new Channels. So if you go out to SW Plaza to check out these new Airwalk Channels, beware the skeezy salesmen.

-That all done, how are these shoes? In a word? Awesome.

-These shoes have been designed for BMX from the ground

-They feature reflective strips(the grey) so you can ditch your reflectors.

-They have a leather(for strength and durability) and mesh(for breathability) upper with a cool look.

-Also, the heel and toe soles are MASSIVE(check the pics), meaning the cushion you get from these shoes is ridiculous.

-The tread on these shoes has been designed extra deep, to grab onto your pedals better. After riding around a bit on them, I can tell you it worked. These treads grab the pedal so much that it feels like you're wearing clips! They really dig in and give you extra pedaling power.

-If you are a BMXer and are looking for a shoe designed for YOU, the Airwalk Channel is it. Unfortunately, ya gotta go to an incredibly lame store to get it.

The Airwalk Channel has 1 MAJOR flaw. This shoe is HUGE and HEAVY. This is perhaps the biggest shoe I've ever put on my foot. If you have spent a ton of time shedding pounds from your ride, you'll be bummed to know that each Channel weighs about 1 pound! They are armor plated shoes! So unless you're ready to add a couple of pounds to your ride, look for some Keds! Check 'em out!