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Fallout Tactics: (Strategy)
Post-nuclear warfare. You are part of the Brotherhood of Steel, whose goal is to survive and bring order to a savage world. This is a very slow pace game in which you control your main character and a couple of companions. Including yourself up to a total of six characters are at your command. Almost Rogue Spear-ish, in which you sneak your characters around the map to achieve whatever goal, is given at the time. Its this aspect of the game that makes the game play so slow. Not to mention that it really stinks when you loose one of your companions. Unless youre cold hearted, then you can just finish your mission and recruit another candidate (as long as you dont loose your main character). Note, that each recruit has his or her own specialty. Poor placement or management of your squad can result in a quick ending. Thank goodness of the Save feature, so that you wouldnt have to restart the mission new or if one of your companions happens to run into a hail of bullets. Your weapons are based on Line-of-Sight (LOS), which could have been better implemented, such as a Green line to your target for good LOS, or Red line for no LOS. The developers over came this issue by using a hit percentage on the enemy you are targeting. I believe this is due to the various types of weapons available, since a pistol doesnt have the same range as a rifle. Multiplayer is also available, not to mention that you can create and build your own character and watch them grow in experience (almost like AD&D character building, but not as structured).
* Multiplayer option was not tested.

Replay 3 Graphics 3 Sound 3 Playability 3 Value 3
F.I. Rating: 3 / 5

By -[s8]-Jackal