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Doom Mods Galore : Part 2

DooM has returned. Are you ready?

By Lady Nightshade, honorable warrior of TOA

DooM has me in it's wretched claws... and I refuse to fight it! Especially with the onslaught of mods out there now. Deathmatch has never been so damned fun, and single player has it's perks as well. Never has any game been so diverse as DooM is now. Yeah, there's Serious Sam, TFC, Counter Strike, Half Life, Red Faction and Q3A, and these are all vicious games to be sure... but how will these games be remembered? Doom is legendary, and so it should be immortalized... How better than creating an endless torrent of killer gameplay modifications!?

MBF (Marine's Best Friend)

Great job on this cool mod. It's one of the first mods to include friendly AI (which in this case is implemented in the form of friendly little Doberman Pinschers) and the ORIGINAL BFG! The original BFG sprayed plasma all over the damn room. But, computers back in the day couldn't process the particles fast enough. The slowdown was MASSIVE, and so they had to make the "explosion" BFG instead.

Quite personally, I like the trace damage from the "newer" BFG. This one is kind of cool, and is better suited for deathmatch.

The menu is sleek and easy to use and understand (Derived from BooM) and has a TON of options. It gets people started and into the game quickly while offering seasoned vets a chance to tweak the newer the options to their liking. All in all, this one is a great code modification that all single player marines need to grab.

PROS: Sleek, easy to use interface with a ton of options. Full Boom support. Dogs to kill stuff! Makes the single player mode a brand new experience.

CONS: No multiplayer support yet! Damn... it would have been cool to see marine dogs ripping their enemies owners to shreds!

Rating: 4 out of 5

BooM, A Team TNT DooM source code modification

Wow. This is one of the first code mods out there, made by team TNT, the brainchild behind such landmark projects like TNT (Doom2) and Plutonia Experiment (Doom2) ,and one of the first true Total Conversions, Eternal Doom. To check out more, see the team TNT page here:

You won't regret it. ^_^

This is one sweet little .exe, it sure is... it adds water effects (Swimmable, no less!) and enhanced lighting effects, a great new heads-up display, and some enhanced AI. Being one of the forerunners for newer mods, this one is a must have for any doomer.

PROS: MAJOR compatability! It can run almost any custom WAD, BEX, or DEH file out there. Swimmable water and lighting from the heavens above!


CONS: Still no major multiplayer launcher. >_<

Rating: 5 out of 5



The epitome of deathmatch... the new birth of fighting until you collapse in a heap... of pulling the trigger again and again until your soaked visor sheens over with the blood of your enemies... this is the main lifeblood of the new DooM revolution. Guzzling nukage through a cracked helmet after taking a rocket full in the chest is exhilarating, to say the least....

The powerups kick ass... SEVERELY. You get these things called "runes" which are permanent powerups, but are kind of weaker than normal powerups. Like the Spread rune... which is my favorite! It spreads any bullet fired out on both sides instead of just forward! Rockets become a helluva lot more effective when you can't strafe around them... ^_^ And there are additional powerups that are really bad ass... in addition to all the regular doom perks, you get the Doomsphere (QUAD DAMAGE!) and a turbo sphere, not yet implemented tho. (You can see the sprite for it if you use an extractor utility like wintex. It's all purple and cool looking!) Topping it off is the ultra-cool Terminator sphere! Like a megasphere, but it boosts your damage and you drop it after getting killed.

There are a ton of game modes too, like cap the flag, terminator DM, instagib (Railgun deathmatch), teamplay DM, and of course the oh so delectable original DM. Skulltag will carry doomers onto the next level of FPS. And it is a legend unto itself. Doomers, rejoice! Skulltag is DooM heaven!

PROS: Bot deathmatch at it's finest! Bots are witty, skillful, smart, and diverse in tactics and skin design. Cap the flag is flawless and streamlined. The new weapons (Grenade launcher, Railgun) are killer and quite powerful! This changes the face of DooM, and no true marine would EVER go without it.

CONS: C'mon, Carnevil! Let's get to the final version already! ^_^ These guys are pros, but also busy. The updates are few and far between, leaving us gulping for more blood.

Rating: PERFECT! I would say 6, but alas, 5 is all that is allowed... (teardrop)

It goes without saying that there WILL be further coverage. There are still some sweet TC's that need to be blown apart (Twilight warrior, UAC Ressurection, Immoral Conduct, to name a few!) So keep that boomstick smokin, grit your teeth at every bullet that slams into your duralumin combat armor, and grin at the thought of rocket vapor trails spewing out the sweet, charred scent of victory!!!

~Lady Nightshade ^_^