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Tomb Raider has arrived, bringing to silver screens the large busted heroine Lara Croft. Angelina Jolie stars as Lady Croft and she looks damn good doing it!

As far as female action stars go, she is easily the best american female action star I've seen, but that has to with the fact that her character just kicks so much ass. I don't necessarily know I wanna see Angelina make nothing but action movies, but I know that Lara Craft/Angelina Jolie is a combination I like very much.

I'm not gonna blab on about the plot or characters as I suppose most of you who visit this site know it all and have been anticipating the release of this film for quite some time. I also suspect most of you have already seen it by now. I'll just let you know that it doesn't suck like most videogame movies. I'd say it's on the level of Mortal Kombat in videogame to movie translations(With a much bigger budget!).

Tomb Raider features several mega action set-pieces and it is good enough to warrant a future DVD purchase. A scene in which Lara defends her house from an invading hit team while bouncing around on bungee cords is easily the best in the film and will be rewatched many times in the comfort of my home theater soon enough.

Is it the best movie you'll ever see? Nope. But I wasn't expecting it to be. I was expecting to see a LOTTA Angelina Jolie in tight outfits looking hot and beating the crap out of things. I got that plus I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the movie.

Plot Schmot for a movie like this I say. Just give me Lara, looking good and doing what she does best : Raiding tombs and wielding her guns. If you like the game, or like hot girls in tight outfits, you can't go wrong. And if you're a chick, you've got yourself one super cool female heroine to look up to(Wow, who would've thought Tomb Raider was a DATE movie?), as I suspect there will be an attempt at making a franchise out of Tomb Raider.

Playing on 2 giant screens in town : The Continental and The Pavilions.