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Worms World Party: (Strategy, turn base)

What can I say, but some how in a childish sort of way, this game is fun to play. Combining a bit of humor and cartoon characters. You command a team of worms, to either play single against the computer or your friends. If neither of the previous modes of play is to your liking, you can go online to find an opponent. It does take a while to understand the various nuances of the capabilities of each weapon and equipment. Not to mention the movement of your worm. Upon jumping straight into the game, it was frustrating to try navigating your worm and fight the computer (in single player mode). It would seem that the computer would be able to pull off certain task that proved to be difficult to impossible for you to do. Guess thats where practice comes in. In the end, when you do win, there is a sense of satisfaction after having watch your opponents worm either blow up or drown. Note that there are many other features that can change the dynamic of the game, such as your typical god like modes. So, if you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for a bit, this could be one of them. But Id imagine that there are many other games out that is more worth the investment of your hard earn cash.
* Multiplayer option was not tested.

Replay 3 Graphics 2 Sound 2 Playability 3 Value 3
F.I. Rating 2.6 / 5

Replay = A games life span, ever changing ending and not being linear.
Graphics = Self-explanatory, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
Sound = Self-explanatory, its ambiance and special effects.
Playability = Ease in play and control.
Value = When its all said and done, Is it worth the price paid for?
F.I. Rating = First Impressions rating, the average total taken from the above 5 categories.