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Bleem! GT2 For DC

Bleem! has finally arrived for the Dreamcast. It can currently be purchased at local Electronics Boutique stores(Software Etc. bowed to Sony pressure and has removed the game from shelves) and it works for the Playstation 1 game : Gran Turismo 2.

In short, Bleem! is a Playstation emulator for the Dreamcast and PC. You put in the Bleem! disc, and it asks you to put in the Playstation game, and voila! you have Gran Turismo 2 playing on your Dreamcast! However, Bleem! is more than just an emulator as it actually enhances games and makes them look 20 times better in some cases.

Such is the case with Gran Turismo 2. You will not even recognize this game when you put it in and start watching the replay movies. A side by side comparison between Bleem! and the texture smoothing effects of the PS2 wasn't even a contest: Bleem! put it to shame. Bleem! makes GT2 look like it was designed for the Dreamcast. Trees and plantlife that used to pixelated blurbs are rendered as fully realized, rounded vegetation. The enhancements are nothing short of astonishing at times.

Bleem! for the Dreamcast is an absolute must have for anyone with $6.00 to burn and a Dreamcast, Oh, it would help if you have GT2 for your Playstation as well so you can use it(I suspect most of you do)! For that rare DC owner out there who never owned a Playstation or GT2, go and get THAT game as well to use with your Bleem! and you will have a religious experience with the kind of racing game that the Dreamcast failed to supply...until the little emulator that could named Bleem! finally arrived to save us all.

Bleem! gets a 10 out of 10.
Get it ASAP.

Mike O'Toole