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Criminal Mischief

A BMX video from Little Devil

Criminal Mischief is the newest video from Little Devil, a BMX clothing company. It's 40 mins of non stop street action with a bit of dirt and park thrown in for good measure. The movie opens with a montage of criminal mischief/vandalization acts such as running over handrails and street signs with cars, roman candle fights and people breaking stuff. Just when you think it's gonna be another "Destroy America", the biking kicks in.

The video is made up of sections of each rider, so you get to see each rider's riding up close and personal. This lets you see quick cuts, long shots and crahes for each rider without the constant need for flashing everybody's name on the screen.

The Van Homan and Matt Beringer sections are pretty excellent, and overall the riding in this video by everyone is very AGGRESSIVE and hardcore. BIG gaps, huge wallrides, crazy manuals and great street locations make for an exciting watch.

Let's talk about the music. The Who, The Rolling Stones, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, KISS and more all make appearances on the soundtrack. I dug it cuz I grew up with these tunes(I suspect the Little Devil guys are near or in their 30's), but some of the younger crowd might think, "huh?". But any video with Van Homan riding to Ozzy Osbournes 'Diary of a Madman' in it is A-OK with me.

You know you want to see it, so what are you waiting for?

Don't forget to watch through the credits so you can see the "secret" section of videos at the end!