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Serious Sam The First Encounter: (Action - FPS)
Set in Egypt. You are a relic hunter, searching for what are known as Element objects. During your adventure, you encounter numerous mutants and undeads. A fast pace FPS game, there are many enemies to mow down, along with many weapons to find and use. The further you advance, in your quest, the better weapons are found. The controls are your typical FPS keyboard/mouse settings, so little is needed on the learning curve. A little humor is added by Sam your character, such as whistling the theme to Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, as you narrowly escape a large boulder trap, or Sam mouthing off some sarcastic phrases. If you were looking for a quick FPS action game, while waiting to download those MP3 files, then this would be it. Multi/Co-op play is available.
* Multiplayer option was not tested.

Replay 3 Graphics 4 Sound 3 Playability 4 Value 3
F.I. Rating: 3.4 / 5

By -[s8]-Jackal