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Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX

Dave Mirra's BMX is stocked with all the best riders
including Dave Mirra, Troy McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy and Ryan Nyquist. It also has some of the best bikes, from S&M to Haro. Get ready to catch air at famous skateparks around the US as well as at Woodward Camp, the country's premier training camp for BMX and skate. It also has the best trick system you're gonna find in a BMX game : The simple addition of the Trick Modifier button allows you to modify your tricks with barspins, one handers, no footers etc., allowing for an insane amount of tricks that can be created.

Levels are unlocked by completing Amateur, Pro and Hardcore challenges. Thankfully all of the challenges are BMX oriented,i.e., you need to fastplant the roof of a building or pull a Flair, as opposed to hopping around looking for videotapes and the like. Manualling(a wheelie of sorts w/o pedalling) is easy to do and lets you really put together sweet runs.

Unfortunately, a little bit of pop-up and slowdown mar an otherwise smooth and easy experience. The game is very easy to pick up and play, yet to complete the Hardcore challenges and to win anmy contests, ALL of your skills will be put to the test.

If you can find a copy cheap, I advise you to check it out, ESPECIALLY if you're a rider. The new Dave Mirra 2 looks so kick ass, I can hardly wait. SO If you wanna truly appreciate what a great game tha will be, have some fun with Dave Mirra 1.
--Mike O'Toole