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Rune Halls of Valhalla: (Action, multiplayer only)
This is only a multiplayer game; so dont bother if you are looking for single play too. Youre better off getting the first Rune game, if that is what youre looking for. Viewed from the third person perspective. The games environment is dark, sometimes making it hard to see whats on the screen. But you can use this to your advantage by sneaking up on your enemy (since there are no footsteps to be heard). You get the option to choose one of many model characters in which to face your opponents. Really, this is just for appearance, similar to you choosing a Quake or Half Life model character to play. Most people will probably choose the typical Death Match type of play. But instead of guns and alien weapons, you are wielding swords, axes, and shields. Within each map, there are specific Runes which provide special power ups to your character or weapon. Learning how and when to use these runes will take a while, as the instructions arent that specific. DM type servers will probably reign, even though there are other types of game play available, such as Arena where you wait your turn to fight one-on-one (Gladiator / King of the Hill type). Another gaming type offered, is a sports like genre, in which you choose sides and either cleave or find the head of the other team member, to then take it to a goal to score points.

Replay 3 Graphics 2 Sound 2 Playability 3 Value 3
F.I. Rating: 2.6 / 5

BY -[s8]-Jackal